Friday, October 19, 2007


Yep, Thank Fucking God It's Friday.

It has certainly been a long week at work. Started off sick which is never a good way to start off your week. Ended off on a sour note at work.

But it's over, and now it's the weekend, and *that* is exciting!

This whole week I've been pretty good on my own, but I'm starting to miss my guy Dave. He's in Longview, Texas at the moment, and will be until Nov 10. Yoiks!
That guy means everything to me, and when I'm feeling down, he's always got some cheeseball way to cheer me up, even if I don't want to be cheered up LOL.

On a lighter note, we are planning a trip to Mexico February. I found a resort I would like to go to, however many people are making me second guess because of the startling *7* people..Canadians.. who were murdered in Mexico last year.
Now, that is an unappealing fact, and looking at the travel advisory to Mexico, it doesn't appear to promising, but anything could happen regardless of where you travel to.
I have started looking a bit more seriously into the Dominican Republic, however none of the resorts are comparable to the resort we stayed in Cuba this past spring, or the beaches & resort I found in Mexico.
We'll see what happens. Dave & I are trying to recruit some folks from work to come with us, but it's a big thing to spend that much money on a vacation.
I know I, for one, need this vacation. I'm going nutso and I need to get the eff out of here!
I welcome any advice anyone may have!

I don't have too much to say today. I just wanted to say TFGIF cuz I'm done with this week, and ready for the weekend.