Friday, October 2, 2009

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! =)

I'm a 27 year old Alberta girl transplanted to Nova Scotia - for the sole purpose of love. I have been blogging on and off for the past couple of years which has given me the opportunities to e-meet and real-life meet a bunch of wonderful ladies.

I started blogging about random things that were occuring in my life but over time I started to focus on fitness and healthy eating which have both been a struggle for me for all of my life.

My adolescent life was spent as a very skinny girl. I was a dancer since the age of 3 (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ukranian, you name it). My childhood was going from one class to the next on various days of the week which kept me quite active. My body frame was extremely small - so small that people used to call me anorexic. I can remember staring at myself in the mirrors in dance class just hoping to add some extra pounds on my body to stop the name calling. I could eat, eat and eat even more but not gain a single pound (that I noticed - scales were not a part of my life back then). My older cousin would always tell me, "Don't worry, Lex, you are Ukrainian - you will get that Ukrainian booty. Trust me on that!"

For 5 years I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and never paid any attention to my body image, never worked on my self esteem - just kind of "ran through the motions" of everyday life. After 5 years of what I consider torture, I was able to make my break - leave the abusive relationship and actually start my life. That relationship was in such a crucial time of my life, my growing years, which has had an incredible impact on who I am as a person today.

With that new start, I began to gain that weight my cousin had warned me about. I had moved out of my boyfriend's house and moved in with my dad. We ate things like perogies, KD, french fries, etc. All of the "quick and easy" dinners that were easy for a single working father and a working daughter.

I met my now boyfriend, Dave, through work via emails & instant messaging. (I don't consider us as having met "online"... just sayin' lol). In November of 2005 I flew to Nova Scotia for the first time to meet Dave in person. After that visit is when I noticed that my clothes just didn't fit anymore. My favorite jeans were worn so thin on the butt and eventually couldn't be buttoned up. I remember one night in particular when I needed to dress up to go to the club for a friends' birthday and absolutely *none* of my pants fit comfortably anymore. I had to squeeze into one pair which led for an uncomfortable night. That should have been the day where I realized how much I was changing. It should have got me focusing on myself.

Did that whip me into shape?


My father and I kept eating the same thing, I would continue to snack on entire BAGS of Lay's dill pickle chips, and candy candy candy (hense the name, Sweettooth).

Not once did I step into a gym. Not once did I do any sort of actual physical activity other than walking from the subway to work and back. I still never had that desire to focus on myself.

Long story short: I moved to Nova Scotia in March of 2006, started blogging in 2007, went from approximately 125lbs (exact weight unknown)to a fluctuating 165lbs, dabbled in exercise here and there, and now here I am.
Still a very happy best friend and girlfriend of Dave.
166 lbs
Still trying to learn how to eat... properly (why I love food blogs)
Trying to re-introduce physical activity in my life

This year I have decided to learn to run. I will be running my first 5K race in May 2010... on my 28th birthday. We'll see where that takes me.

Once again, welcome to my blog. I'll have some very random topics here and there - that's a given. I'm not the best writer and I don't try to be. This blog will just help me remain focused on becoming a healthier, happier and more active Lex! I hope you join me for this ride. :)


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