Monday, November 12, 2007

He's baaackkk!!

Yippee!! After a long long month away Dave is FINALLY back. That, of course, is first and foremost. I tried very hard to not look at the dates and see how much longer it would be until he came home because I know from the past that only makes it go by slower, and gets more frustrating when there's still weeks left to go.
But thats all done now!
I was terrified, however, that I wasn't going to make it out to the airport to get his ass. We had our first snowfall on Saturday night which was the night he flew in. thankfully the flight wasn't cancelled, and thankfully I made it successfully to the airport *and back* with my hunny.
It was quite terrifying on the way to the airport. I was going 40-50km/hr in a 110 zone. It wasn't so bad, cuz there was a bunch of other cars doing the same. It was scary when I noticed headlights shining right at me. A cab had spun out and was facing the wrong way. He was fishtailing it everywhere to get back on track, and almost smacked some other cars while doing so. I passed him and all was well.
Damn, I'm glad that's over!

It was funny, when we got home the first thing Dave said was, "Damn its weird to have cats in our place. OMG is that a guitar stand??" (for our Guitar Hero Game). I thought it was cute. Welcome home baby!

I got to see Dave's new toys. My laptop for one...which is freaking awesome!! I'm so thankful & grateful for it!! He of course got his iTouch. Basically the iPhone without the phone. It's also insane. Everyone is having a lot of fun playing with it and watching POWERTHIRST videos on you tube... if you haven't seen those videos you'd better, or else I'm going to come kick you with my ENERGY LEGS!
I had posted them on an earlier blog, but for anyone who was silly enough to not watch them, here you go:

Powerthirst 1

Powerthirst 2

Moving along...
I'd recently purchased Guitar Hero 3. It's going amazing. This one is harder than the last one, but we're quite enjoying it. Needless to say it's become our addiction again. That, and Hold'em on Facebook for me lol.

Anyway, thats about it.

Things are good! I've begun some Christmas shopping online. I have to hustle cuz I've got some stuff to send home, and I'd like to ensure it gets back to Edmonton *before* Christmas. It's just too bad I couldn't be home for Christmas to see my family: See my mum & pops, see my bro & his new Hummer, see my Goddaughter Kaya, which I haven't gotten to meet yet. :(

Hopefully soon. It gets extremely hard to be away from home some days. Almost everyone is great here, but in the end..there really isn't any place like home.

Now to change gears, and veer off into another direction.

Lately I've been wondering why people do things they do. I am the type who tends to analyze people... maybe a little bit too much, however, I do like to think I am quite good at reading people, and maybe it comes with a cost... I don't know.

I always wonder about the choices people make. I like to think I'm the type of person who makes choices to please myself, but also remain conscious of the affect it may have on others. I try to make choices that won't hurt other people. I often try to put myself in someone else's shoes to try and consider if what *I* may think is ok, would also be ok for someone my actions could affect. I have no clue if that makes sense. Oh well.

Lately I wonder if people just aren't completely aware of the effects their choices/decisions/actions may have on others.
Or if they just don't care.
It's quite boggling to me. It's hard for me to think that people could be deliberately making choices/decisions/actions with the intent on harming someone.
It's also hard for me to think that people could be making those same choices/actions without any consideration of how it *could* affect someone else.

I dont know

anyway, thats all.