Thursday, February 7, 2008


Grrr, up 1.2lbs. I'm not *that* pissed about it - I'm pretty confident a LOT of it is water weight. I had forgotten about WI day this morning, and didn't get to weigh in until about 9pm tonight. I chugged so much water at the gym today and hopefully that's where the weight comes in.
Actually... come to think of it, most of my weigh ins have been in the evenings...
I'm new to this whole scale thing as I kind of mentioned here, and I just googled 'when to weigh in' and of course, I'm doing it all wrong.... The best time is in the morning after tinkle time. Duhhhh, it kind of makes sense lol, however I have also read that other folks like to weigh in right after workouts.
I think I'm going to try the mornings.. starting tomorrow. I'm interested to see what it says. My luck it'll be the same, but at least then I'll know.

So I found a decent meal plan in Oxygen Magazine. I'll see how it goes. I grabbed some groceries today. (it was fun being on the lookout for Superstore's blue label products. I really never in my life thought I'd actually enjoy being conscious of the foods I consume... it really is fun!)

Today at the gym I walked on the treadmill increasing my incline, but it was only about 15 minutes. After that I went on the eliptical for about 10 minutes (5mins of forward stepping, 5 mins of backwards stepping which I love), then we did the circuit again. All in all it was fun. I can feel the muscles in my arms today quite a bit.

Meals for today:
Brekkie: Wildberry Oatmeal

Snack: Silhouette peach yogurt

Lunch: Garden salad (forgot the cranberries.. TSK!) with raspberry vinagrette

Snack: Fruitsource bar & Baked Cheetos

Sushi!! (A bit of japanese salad, some miso soup, 6 california rolls, 6 scotia rolls & a bite of apple crumble for dessert) {it was a LOT of food, but I was stressing over work stuff. long story, I'll tell it later}

On a funny note, while in superstore today Dave (boyfriend) spotted something hilarious:

Ladies PMS support.... CHOCOLATE?~!?! Hhahahaah, I think it's funny how it's a chocolate product geared to help with PMS... and there was a whole product shelf full. Too funny!

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday... THANK goodness!! The weekday went by fast, but super busy. The close of this week just means that I'm that much closer to my Dominican Vacation... YAY!!!


Erin on February 9, 2008 at 2:25 p.m. said...

Lol....As if I need permission to eat chocolate when I am PMSing. Too funny!