Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting back on track

Well this weekend it was beautiful in Halifax! Since coming back from Dominican last Sunday it's been quite dreary out with the exception *of* that Sunday. This weekend was beautiful though! It was SO nice to sleep in for the first time in our own bed! Dave & I both love our sleep... it's actually quite disgusting how much sleep we like! When we were on vacay dont' get me wrong - it WAS nice, but we would want to get up early so we didn't sleep our vacation away. Then since coming back, we have to get up early for work... ick, so Saturday morning's sleep in was SO good!

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if something's going on with me. i'm ALWAYS tired. Even though I got to sleep in on Saturday, that day I was so tired all day, and at night my eyeballs were going all bugeyed cuz I was forcing myself to stay awake watching a movie on the couch. I really hate being sleepy all the time. boo. I haven't been eating properly since coming back so that could have something to do with it, OR it could be the stresses that I've been going through with my burn ( you wouldn't believe the stress this burn has put on my body... anytime dave has to change the dressing I have a minor panic attack. I clench my teeth and my heart starts pumping...gahh!). we'll see what happens anyway.
apr 11 1504.

Well I must say I'm pretty peeved at myself for not weighing myself in on Apr18. That was my normal WI day, and the day before vacation, so it would have been good to see how much I gained over vacation. I haven't weighed myself at all since Apr 11, but I did today and I'm up slighly at 153.4. I figured as much, and i'm not disappointed, but I wish I could have seen how much was vacation-specific.

i really really would like to get back on track. I still like I'm still unwinding from vacation (i think i need a vacation from vacation!). It's been so long since we've been to the gym, that they called us to make sure we're ok I guess. It wouldn't be too easy to work out with my bandages on my arse so I guess I'll wait until that is done.

Sidenote - i got my underwater pics developed and they're REALLY nice! i'm quite impressed with the disposable film camera. I haven't put them on my pc yet, so theyll be posted soon!

This morning I took Dave out for brunch to YUMMY Coras . That place is our favorite and it's been forever since we've been there, so brunch was nice. There wasn't a lot to do today despite the nice weather, so when we came home, Dave whipped out a puzzle and we worked on it together, which was nice! Tonight Dave went to play his guitar hero competition (apparently if he wins he'll win an airhockey table... JUST what we need in our little apartment LOL) so I made some bananabread. It smells SOOO good and i know it'll be uber scrumptious! It'll be nice supermoist cuz i made with with applesauce (instead of butter) and sour cream (=SUPERMOIST!)

Sorry this was all over the place!! Hope everyone had a great weekend

Cat: I posted my review here (Lex-D) take a peek and if ya have any questions about DR/Cuba travel let me know! :) Lex's EdenH Review


Jen on May 5, 2008 at 1:24 p.m. said...

Hm, I don't know why you could be tired all the time (I am too!)...I would say that stress would definitely play a HUGE part in it!!!

MMM, now I want to have banana sounds SOOOOO good right now!