Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Date Night

Today the roads were TERRIBLE after last nights' snowstorm. Since the snow plows weren't out, any roads that were travelled had been packed down and turned to ice by the morning. All of the schools were closed, and I didn't feel to comfortable when I looked outside so I worked from home today.
It definitely was a relaxing day 'at work' today. I was still very productive, but it was nice to do my work in my PJs.

Dave had today off as well (he is working this Saturday) so it was nice. I made us each a Breakfast concoction wrap:
-Egg whites
-Orange peppers
-Whole Wheat wraps

It was sooo good! I wish I took a pic of it!

The only problem with being at home was my snacking. I didn't go TOO overboard, but I wasn't as limited like I would be if I was at work. I had low fat pudding, 100cal oreo thincrisps, clementines, etc.

For lunch I only had a boiled egg and a cheese string. I wasn't feeling too adventurous. Plus, the wrap I had was close to lunch. For my actual breakfast I had my blueberry/blackberry/granola/yogurt combination. Mmmmmmm

After 'work' Dave said he was taking me out for dinner. Originally we had planned on going for Pho which is my FAVORITE, but instead he felt like sushi, so we went to the Hamachi House which is another one of our favorites.
I had my usual:
-house salad
-dynamite roll
-Scotia Roll
-Green Tea

I didn't eat all of the sushi, because I was STUFFED! But it was so good, as per usual.

After dinner we went to the mall, and Dave and I each got PEDICURES!! Trust me, this was very surprising. Dave is a man who is terrified of makeup, makeup brushes, ANYthing cosmetic, really. So, to have him agree to a pedicure was amazing! I wasn't the MOST comfortable cuz my legs are SUPER hairy, and scabby (dry dry air is doing a number on my legs.... TMI I'm sure) but I wasn't turning this down!
Now our feet are all perrrdyyy!

Anyway, that brings me to now. It is Bachelor + True Beauty night tonight. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have offsite training for work which should be interesting!

I hope to catch up on your blogs!

BTW - I can't wait for tomorrow! Obama's Inauguration! Such an amaaaaaazing day it'll be!


Jen on January 19, 2009 at 10:12 p.m. said...

YAY! I love date night!!!!!

ANNNNND you got your sushi fix!!!

I don't know if Danny would ever get a pedicure!! But if he ever wanted one I would die of shock (and honey, my legs aren't in any better shape right now!!!)

I am finding your site to load MUCH faster now!!! AND it's easier to comment then!!!

Cat_82 on January 20, 2009 at 3:23 p.m. said...

Oh my god...I'm so addicted to the freaking batchelor too!

That's awesome that dave got a pedi....wish I could get Mike there!!

I think you did a great job of not snacking too much from home...sounds pretty decent snack wise to me!!