Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of my cooking creations

So the other day I went to Costco and spent oodles and oodles of money on healthy food. Yesterday, I went to Superstore and grabbed a few extra odds and ends that I didn't need in the *Bulk* size.

I usually am a "Need a recipe in order to cook" kind of person, but the past few days there hasn't been time for preparation, so I just threw stuff in a pan and hoped for the best.

Monday night was my "Chicken & Veggie Concoction with roasted red peppers & roasted zuccini." Might I say, this was ABSOLUTELY scrumptious.
Chicken & Veggie Concoction:
- Chicken (spiced with a Mrs Dash-type saltfree Lemon & Pepper spice)
- Baby portabello mushrooms (pre-sliced - yay Costco)
- Chopped Tomatoes
- Spinach
- The sauce was some sort of Garlic & Herb sauce (there is a pic of a creamy sauce below, but the one I used is not a cream based sauce - I just couldn't find a pic)

Last night I made a stir fry dinner. Beef, Onions, Baby Portabello Mushrooms, Spinach. I cooked up the beef and slapped on some Hoisin sauce, then threw the rest of the veggies in. I needed another sauce, so I poured on a little bit of Sweet & Sour sauce (it was interesting with the Hoisin, but it worked)
I ate the stirfry with Jasmine rice (not the best - I KNOW - but I love it!)

This morning I made a yummmy breakfast:
Raspberry Activia Yogurt
Our Compiments Flax & Fibre Crunch

OMYGOD I wish I took a pic, but I didn't. This was SO yummy and SOOOOOOOOOOOO filling. I struggled to eat the last few blackberries & blueberries, but I paid so much for them, I coudln't pass it up!

Here is the granola crunch:

Anyway, that is all of my cooking creations for now.

Random Sidenote: These pix were all taken from my new BlackBerry Javelin - AWESOME device, AWESOME camera.

Oh, and now I leave you with a little glimpse of what my car was like the other day in the ice storm. Covered in ice... needing to be chisled off the car:


Jen on January 14, 2009 at 1:29 p.m. said...

Your concoctions look so good!!! I think I am going to have to go and check out Sobeys...they have lots of cool products!!!

I had a day like that a few times (with the car being iced over) time I had to use my AMA card to scrape the windshield because there was NO WAY my scraper was working on it!!! It was terrible!!!

(I am jealous of your javelin!!!)

OH and I apologize for the lack of commenting lately, for some reason my computer at work as issues with your site and I can only read it from google reader!

workhardeatwell on January 15, 2009 at 3:26 p.m. said...

That is som good lookin' food!