Friday, February 13, 2009

Much better mood!

FINALLY it's friday!

First things first, WI was today and nothing changed (and I'm totally fine with that.) I've been eating well, but still lacking on the exercise (its been damn busy for us!).

So, now I just want to talk about my post yesterday. I think I was just super grumpy because of being on the go all of the time. I hadn't had a lot of time to just 'chill' lately so I've been on edge. (Nevermind the fact that TOM is here.. ugh). Anyway, excuses aside, I think I was just most put off about my convo with my bff because I didn't think it was coming from her, it felt like it was coming from her MOH (Maid of Honor). If the bride wants me in a particular dress, heck yah I'm going to go for it. She just seems to have changed her mind completely about what she wants.
My first rules were:
- blue
- Alfred Angelo
- non strapless (she is going to be strapless and wanted us different)
- find a dress I loved as long as it was in the same color

Now the rules are:
- long dress to make it match
- Non chiffon, more silky feeling to match the MOH
- detail on the dress (like a belt, cuz the MOH has picked a dress with a belt...)
- STRAPLESS (she just told me this today, so somewhere along the lines this changed)

She emailed me asking if I didn't want to be a part of this anymore. I was honest and told her it's hard to be 'a part' from way over here, and that all I want is guidance so that I dont' stick out like a sore thumb. It has been hard with the changes that were just slapped on me allofasudden. I told her I am game for going with the flow, I just need to know what the flow is... and that it wont' change if I put down a nice chunk of coin on a dress I'll only wear once.

Anyway, I feel better about it now. I even felt better after just blogging about it yesterday. I needed an outlet, and this was it. I just want you all to know I really am not selfish like that. My message may have come across the wrong way... and that's ok.

Sooooooo, anyway, that is that! hehe

Random sidenote: I have a perfect post I could do about Epicure, but I just haven't had the time to. I made their extraordinary dip that was AMAZING, but I totally forgot to take pics also. Arg!! I have been testing out some of the stuff in my kit and I love it all! I can't remember the last time I've seasoned my cooking with salt (even before epicure)... although there is one seasalt product Epicure has that I love... I'll talk about it at some point.

So here is the cake I made:

Flamingo pink frosting (I was going for Red here, but got tired of adding more and more food coloring and watching it sloooooooooooooowly change)

Broken Heart Cake with sketchy frosted icing:

Almost completely decorated Sketchy cake:

Next week we have the option of making a cake (clown cake) or cupcakes... OBVIOUSLY I will be making the cupcakes!! I am just not very good at cake-cakes hahah.

Update: OOH I forgot to mention: Dave has been doing the P90x videos, and I am going to try them also. (They are INTENSE, but I want to give them a try for 90days). He is doing a more intense level, but I will be doing the 'lean' version, so my meal plan and exercize regime will be a little bit different. I don't know if I will start tomorrow or Sunday, but you can bet I'll be blogging about it!


Erin on February 13, 2009 at 9:46 p.m. said...

I saw this interview with Sheryl Crow and she said that she does the P90x workouts now and loves them. And she has a pretty rock hard body! Your cake looks cute! I remember one that I made was supposed to be sky blue and it was pretty much super super turquoise. It is hard to get the colours the way you want them at first!

the new sarah sundae on February 14, 2009 at 12:31 p.m. said...

I've always wondered about the P90x workouts. I'm looking forward to seeing how you like them.

Your cake looks great!! I took a class 7 years ago and really enjoyed it. I was like you and brought the cakes into work the next day.

workhardeatwell on February 14, 2009 at 1:09 p.m. said...

The best part about a blog is being able to rant and complain and grumble all you want on them! posts!

I'm looking forward to the P90X

eurydice on February 17, 2009 at 3:19 p.m. said...

i like your cake... it's cute!