Monday, March 30, 2009

Interested in helping Dominican Children?

So April is just around the corner which brings me even closer to my trip to the Dominican. wahooo!

I am looking to bring a bunch of stuff to donate to local children when I'm there. If anyone in the HRM area has anything they'd like to donate let me know and I can pick it up and take to Punta Cana. I believe my email is posted on my profile page.
***Here is the wishlist***

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

Today I've got the Monday blues, and the crazy rain we're getting right now doesn't help matters. I am feeling stressed to the max, but that's usually how it goes for me at the end of each month for work.

Putting all of that aside, it wasn't an all bad day. Dave started his new job (same company, different position) which he has been wanting for SO long to get! He definitely had an extra hop in his step today. I am glad to see him doing what he loves!!

This weekend I didn't get any excercizing done. Yuck. I can honestly say I sat around and vegged ALL weekend... which wasn't too bad actually.
Today I got back on track and did the Shred video again. I am DEFINITELy noticing endurance and strength improvements, which is exciting! My weight hasn't changed, my measurements haven't changed (in fact, I was measured at the bridal store when I put $ down on my bridesmaid dress and it was totally different than what I had measured at home. Bust was bigger (not a bad thing LMAO), waist was WAYYYY smaller than what we measured at home (like not a slight difference), and butt was bigger. So unusual but I just chalk it up to measuring in different places.

Off to catch up on y'alls blogs! :)


eurydice on March 31, 2009 at 2:51 p.m. said...

that's so sweet that you are bringing stuff for the children. good on ya!

farm girl. on March 31, 2009 at 9:03 p.m. said...

when are you going? i may have some things...what a great list!
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