Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A LOT of improvement needed!

I bought a bike yesterday... very exciting!
It's purple, 18spd, yada yada I don't know much else about it.

Also, I started Tony Hortons 10 minute trainer. His P90x videos are insane BUT also insanely LONG. It is very discouraging for me, so the 10 minute trainer vids could work out in my favor.

I did the cardio vid today - it was jam packed with moves that my body was not tolerating.
Did I mention it's only TEN minutes?
I know most of you would be saying this is easy peasy, but not for me.
I am

After the cardio video I decided I wanted to go for a bike ride. Where I live there is quite a bit of a gradual incline no matter what direction I go so I decided to stay close. I went a block left and uppish, then 3 blocks right uppish, then a block left again uphill-ish, then back to my place, uphill again.
By the time I was back in my parkade I was seeing spots and so weak - I still had to walk up my stairs which proved to be very difficult.
I came home, ripped off my sweater and laid on the ground for a good 5 minutes. Then went and laid in bed for another 5 minutes as Dave folded clothes.

He had no sympathy for me.

I was saying things like, "I'm dying! I cannot breathe."

No sympathy - which I guess is good considering I *was* being a little overdramatic... but just a little.....

Anyway - today was not a LOT of exercizing by any means, but I know I need to pace myself. I am not like Tara on BL where I could work out until I puked - I'd pass out before I puked, guaranteed!

Oh - I should also mention, my flirty fit was cancelled for A SECOND straight week!

My Sis in law and I went to the place, knocked on the door, and the girl told us there weren't enough people to hold a class again.
Umm - where was my CALL?
She told us we could go into another class, or if we wanted to stay in this class with just the two of us.
I mentioned I'd now be missing 2 of the 8 weeks due to my travels to Edmonton in July and she agreed to reimburse me for the 2 weeks.
Oh - and you can bet my SIL and I decided to do the class with just the 2 of us. For what they put us through, I think I'm fine with them paying the trainer for just a class of 2 people.

That's my story.

**Flirty Fit has been cancelled for 2 weeks straight due to a lack of participants. If you are interested go to Trenas Studio of Dance - sign up, and join me in some flirty fitnessing friday nights at 7:30pm! hehe!! It has now been reduced to 6 weeks for $85.50 + hst**


Jen on June 10, 2009 at 12:12 p.m. said...

I really want to try the 10 minute trainer...I am OBSESSED with the P90s but I agree, they are a bit long at times!!!

Poor Lex!!! that really sucks about that class!!!!

farm girl. on June 10, 2009 at 8:11 p.m. said...

so jealous - i would love to get on a bike...but no bike, and no funds to purchase said bike, so, it'll have to wait till baby j's ready for one!

i would love to try that class - but i can't swing it right now...maybe the fall we can round some of us up - hmm, group discount??