Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busy Weekend + hot shoes!

Original Post:

Friday night I had an excellent night just winding down from the week at home.  It was fantastic!  When I woke up Saturday morning it was to Dave laying in bed next to me.  He took the red eye over from Calgary and arrived early in the morning around 8am.  It was such an awesome surprise that wasn’t a surprise since I knew he was coming home that morning.  :)   Later that day I had a LOT of running around to do.  My work holiday party was that evening and I had a dress but no accessories, and I really wanted a nice pair of red shoes.  I headed out to the mall, which I knew was going to be madness since it was tax free day.

Boy – was it MADNESS!  Luckily I only had to drive around a little bit to look for a parking spot and I found one not too far away, and underground so I didn’t have to walk in the rain.  Score!  All of the stores were craziness!  People sure took advantage of the 20% off day.  As did I!  I bought a black shrug to go over my dress, earrings & a cocktail ring, and some  A-MA-ZING new red shoes:


These shoes were sooooo not worked into my budget but with no tax & 20% off I COULD NOT let them pass me by!! After all of the discounts it worked out to being about $81.  They are definitely a wonderful addition to my wardrobe!  Statement makers for sure!  I love the richness of the red.  I saw some fiery red shoes but those just weren’t what I was looking for and was thrilled when I came cross these!

I wish I took a full shot of my outfit with the shoes last night but somehow I didn’t get anything but headshots.  I am sure a pic will turn up somewhere somehow that has the full meal deal.  Here’s a pic of Christine & I.  (hehe plugging time: go check out her blog!)


I definitely enjoyed a few drinks that night and came stumbling home.  It really is OK to do that once in a while!  Today I woke up with some minor spins and a teeny headache but it was worth it!  Such a great night!

This upcoming week is going to be busy with a LOT of baking.  2 cakes, and a lot of cookies for our cookie exchange.  I hope to at least get in some Zumba on Tuesday – it really is too fun to miss!  Also, I want to put up our Christmas tree since I’ve been such a good little girl and waiting until December (it was killing me to see other people with their trees in the window and I had to wait!)   It’s going to be a big job, though, since we plan on doing a huge flipflop of our living room.  Ahh well, change is good! 

Reminder for Halifax peeps:  Epicure order is going in tomorrow so email me your orders ( and stock up on some wonderful goodies!!

Now I leave you with some cuteness.  Here’s a couple pics I took of Ceasar today with my new and super awesome lens.  Jade pics will come another day – he was snoozing all day!

He missed cuddling with Daddy!


Zombie kittie! hehe