Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pampered Chef goodies!

Original Post:

Even though Christmas is right around the corner, I decided to give myself a Christmas gift (or two… or three… ok maybe 4) from Angie’s Pampered Chef party.  As mentioned in an earlier post, my number one item to pick up was the lazy susan:


Here are some of the other items I picked up:

All purpose spreader (my SIL has this and every time I use it at her place I love it):


A mini serving spatula (another thing SIL has that I’ve been wanting… seriously, her whole kitchen is Pampered Chef!)


This 2 cup prep bowl set with lids:


I went home thinking I did a great job but then Dave convinced me to pick up this super cool measuring tube thing which I ordered the following day.


Seriously – sometimes Dave surprises me!  Now I cannot wait for my goodies to arrive!!!

This week I am flying solo since Dave is in Calgary (it seriously makes me so envious that he’s in *my* home province while I’m here).  I placed an order for him to bring me back TWO Vietnamese subs – something you cannot get in Halifax. 

It’s hard to cook for one so I decided to cook up a can of Italian Wedding Soup for dinner.  I absolutely love this soup!  It looks unusual but tastes oh so good!


I sipped some blueberry POM juice mixed with water.


Tonight I went on the lookout for a dress for my Christmas holiday party that my work is having this weekend.  I tried on a few dresses that were so cute on the rack but WAY too short and my rack was falling out!  Hopefully something pops up this week!

Farmgirl gave me a Starbucks gift card not too long ago so I decided to hit up Starbucks since it’s been a while.  I got a tall gingerbread latte (10000103938093809 times better than their caramel brulee drink)  and picked myself up the tumbler I’ve been wanting for forever!


Now I am a happy camper!