Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Countdown Begins..

... so 3 months to the day. That's when I leave for beautiful Punta Cana!!

It's a marvelous feeling!!

Today was a good day. Dave and I started our day with a healthy breakfast at Cora's, and ran around doing a bunch of errands...which included me trying on and getting a new bikini for the trip.
Oh boy. That wasn't a pleasant experience. The good thing about that excursion, though was the motivation it finally gave me to stat up at the gym. Yep, we *finally* did it! We are now proud members of Nubody's!

---> huge sigh of relief here <---

I've been wanting to sign up for the gym for the longest time, but really never got around to it. Today, Dave & I were off together which helped matters...that, along with my unpleasant bathing suit episode was the good kick in the ass for me. I am extremely pumped about the gym, though. There are a whackload of classes to take, from kickboxing to yoga, and Spinning which I've read a lot about and definitely want to try. It's going to be a lot of fun!!

So, I have 3 months to the day to try and get a bit more in shape. I realize it's not a lot of time, and there's not going to be much improvement, but anything would be better than what I saw in the changeroom mirror today.

We have made a pact to try and eat healthier. Hopefully we can have schedules closer to each anothers because it is hard for me to cook healthy for one person. Generally when I'm home alone I take the easy route, and cook the first thing on hand. We are really trying to make a conscious effort to consume healthier foods, and just make better choices.
Hey, we even did 2 advanced Windsor Pilate's videos the other night...which we're still paying for in our tummy muscles. LOL

I don't have a set target of the amount of weight I want to lose... Hell, I dont' even remember the last time I stepped on a scale...
I just want to feel a bit happier when I look in the mirror, especially when I wear the bathing suits.

Having said all of this, I have to admit we didn't finish off the night that well. A friend came over to play some video games with Dave and we ordered in Pizza, and had pop..... but.... that'll stop as of tonight because tomorrow morning we'll be going to the gym, and setting our course of action for the next few months, and hopefully one that'll change our lifestyle.

I am confident any updates I have will be positive ones. This is going to be a fun, challenging but rewarding adventure for Dave & I, and we're both excited!