Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things are starting to look up

Well I hope I called it in my last post: 2008=two thousand great.

So far things are looking up. I've been doing my best to look past the negativity and negative people...especially those that are just plain mean.
Trying my very hardest, no matter how hard it is, to stay positive, and hoping good will come of it.

It's worked up to this point.

Things for Dave & I have been going extremely well. We've been very happy together lately, and it's nice to have found a common ground.
He's still the sweetest guy I know. Not too long ago, I was away from home, and Dave had messaged me with so many reasons to come directly home. I got a little frustrated with his demands, but in the end I went home, and he had cooked up a great supper for me... a surprise supper with scrumptious chocolate dessert. I couldn't believe it!! It was so cute, and so special, and it made me fall in love all over again.

Ok, I'll stop with the mushiness, cuz there's more, but I'll keep that secret.

Dave's mom has finally gotten her Newfoundland puppy: Abbie. She's so freaking adorable! For weeks before she came home, I kept talking as though *I* was getting a dog... knowing full well i wasn't, but also knowing that I'd be an "aunt" of sorts to this pup.... so absolutely spoiling her.
We went to the new store: Three Dog Bakery, which came VERY highly recommended from some friends, and the store is absolutely amazing!! Three Dog Bakery

We got some rawhide bones for the dogs, and a 'cake' for Abbie that said welcome home. The store is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone with a dog.

Puppy cake from Three Dog bakery:

Dave with Abbie:

Abbie with the rawhide bone from Three Dog Bakery:

More good news:

WE'RE GOING TO PUNTA CANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have ourselves locked into the Edenh Real Arena resort for one week beginning April 19th.
This is a new resort and it looks CRAZY!! Here are some pix courtesy of Punta Cana Mike:

Edenh pix

There's plenty of albums and plenty of pictures to show how beautiful this resort is! We're just awaiting confirmation for Alicia and Basil to come join us. Oh, how much fun it'll be!!!

Anyway, that's the update!