Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 1 at the gym

Today was another good day. We slept in quite a bit, had a few slices of french toast, then headed out to enjoy our first day at the gym!

We were there for about 2hrs and it was a lot of grueling fun. We don't quite have a routine set in place yet, but hopefully soon. Today was just getting a feel for a lot of the equipment available.

I did a few stretches, then started off on the treadmill for a nice 5 min jog to get the blood flowing. Meanwhile, Dave was on the bicycle for 20 mins. I joined him for a nice 10 min ride on the bicycle. After that we did the circuit, which was tough work, but fun. I ended my day with another 5 mins on the eliptical.

Even though we didn't spend too much time on one thing, it was a nice day at the gym. A good way to start. Both of us were feeling it after we finished.

I hope to get more of a routine going:
one day of cardio then;
a day of toning, then;
another cardio day, then;
a rest day, then;
pilates day, then;
rest day
rest day
repeat it all over again.

So far it seems like a good routine, but we'll see what works. I do want to be a bit gruesome as I have less than 3 months to lose a bit of jiggly-wiggly.

We bought a new digital scale, since our analog wasn't too accurate. The digital scale will help us monitor our weight a bit more accurately. We have also started to log our daily activities & food intake at FitDay.

It's nice to be each other's motivator, so hopefully Dave's schedule is one where we can manage to go to the gym together. Even if he's working, I'll still go, but he may not get as much opportunity to head to the gym.

We'll see what happens, though. So far so good!!


Sarah on January 21, 2008 at 9:16 a.m. said...

Digital scales are totally the way to go! Nice purchase. Good plan for the gym too, and smart to mix it up, it would be a bad idea to make yourself hate it on day 1!!