Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wowza, great news!!!

LuLuLemon in Halifax

Hurrayyy!! It's about time! Slowly shopping is getting better here in Halifax.

See, I was born & raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For those who don't know, it holds the WORLD'S LARGEST SHOPPING MALL. West Edmonton MallWeeee!! Shopping for anything was never a chore. It was rare that you'd be wearing the same outfit as someone else. And... well.. it was just fun.

Since moving to Halifax... a muuuuuchh smaller city, I've found shopping to be a bit more difficult. There are only a couple of malls, which are very small, and all hold the same stores.

Just recently some of my favorite stores have been introduced to the Halifax area: BestBuy (the 1st best buy JUST opened up here probably 2-3 months ago..if that.)
La Vie En rose ( some fancy dancy, cute undergarments. It also has it's swimwear store 'Aqua' attached)
Soon to be LuLuLemon

Honestly, the list goes on. It's very exciting to me. All of this helps me with my ebay shopping. I do enjoy online shopping, but I also enjoy the 'old-fashioned' way to shop.

I'm still waiting on IKEA to come here. But the last time anyone checked, there were no plans to bring it here due to the smaller population. We'll see though.

Anyway.... YAY! This news excites me.