Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All signs point to staying in bed!

Today is Tuesday night and I so wish it was the end of the week already. Where I live we got a dumpload of snow on Sunday. There was not a lot of warning for it either. I was at a buddy's place playing poker (Won the 1st game, came in 2nd the 2nd game!!). By the time we left there were already about 5inches of snow on the ground. One of the roads we have to take to get back home in a steep hill going downwards. Well, didn't I lose traction in the snow and start skidding. My brain went into automode and I immediately hit the brakes and tried turning the car to the left, but instead my car went right.. right into the curb. Bang!
Dave gets out and checks out the damage. My hubcap came off, but that looked like the worst of it. Seemed like my tire hit the curb in just the right direction.

Monday morning the roads were still bad. Very bad. On the radio I heard that schools across the area are closed (which amazes me cuz it really isn't *that* bad. I come from Alberta where snow is normal. And i mean, the weather in AB was in the -40s & -50s but I bet kids still had to go to school). Any little bit of snow that falls here, turns into a Snowday which boggles me... anyway..
To get into my parking lot at work I have to stop at a 4way. no problem. A bunch of people were getting off the bus and walking *through* the 4way intersection (some falling on their asses due to the ice), so I waited for them. I noticed something in my left rearview mirror as I was stopped & *waiting for a pedestrian to walk across in front of me*: a freaking snow plow!
A truck with a plow attached to the front slid juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust about into me. He veered to the left at exactly the right moment. I dont' even think he had inches to spare.
ok, i'll tell you what I said:
I'm grumbling cuz it was so close! If he'd hit me, then I would have run into the curb one day, been rear ended the next day, all while probably being pushed right into the pedestrian.
Still swearing as i drove into my work parkinglot to drop my boyfriend off at work. [[My morning routine consists of me dropping him off(we work at the same place) and then driving back out and getting my Tim's coffee fix.]]
After I drop him off i contemplate my need for coffee, cuz I really don't want to go back out on the road, but I convince myself that I *need* my XL 3x3 and off I go, back through the 4way intersection (this time my stop is on an incline but all was well) and off I go.
I drive up to Tims and I find it very odd that there are no cars in the lot of the mini strip mall where the Tim hortons is.. There's also no cars in the drive through.
Hmmm, what's going on.
I notice that everything is closed - even teh convenience stores in the strip mall.
Grrr. Tim Hortons & Everything is closed!. GRRR.
So I drive back to work. As I get into work i notice that there are a lot of lights turned off. The freakin power went out. That's why Tim hortons was closed. no power. That means no coffee for me.
The rest of the monday was fine. No biggie, just very long cuz I had my work, and 2 peer's work to do also cuz they were out of the office.

Brings us to today.
I was doing my hair and noticed something shining in the light: a GREY HAIR! My first grey hair EVER!
Dave yanked it out for me, but it's definitely not forgotten.
We walk out to the car shortly after, so we can go to work and the tire that bumped into the curb was FLAT.
Can't even swear here. now it's just depressing.
"Thankfully" we live close to work. I just have to walk down a hill to get to work.
but remember all that snow that fell? Well, the hill was full of it. And because it's been SO cold, no one has walked down the hill yet.... that means me walking (in shoes) in foot deep snow downhill on my way to work. Snow kept getting in my shoes and freezing the arches of my feet. I kept having to stop and wipe off the snow. I almost started to cry a few times cuz it was sooo cold. so cold it was painful.
It's days like those where I really just need to stay home.
I have since replaced the tire, and all is well, but damn I'm scared to see what tomorrow brings.

So, on a lighter note, I took a pic of the Chun king stirfry i was talking about here:

With beef & rice it ends up looking like this:

Today my meals were:

Breakfast: wildberry oatmeal

Snack: Peach Silhouette yogurt

Lunch: Garden Salad w/ French Dressing
French onion soup

Snack: none - was waiting for my tire to get replaced.
oh, I did have a Lg Tim Hortons coffee

Supper: Slow cooker concoction of beef, carrots, potatoes, green peppers & tomato sauce

that's it for now. I just needed to blow off some steam.


Hope your days have been better than mine.

Oh - not to be a debbie downer but one more upsetting thing:
my cat has a lump on his tail. :(

i'm scared of what it could be. I've read stories about cats getting lumps and it being cancer & the tail needing to be amputated. *sigh*
I'm scared but i'll be going to the Vet soon to get it investigated.

Ok no more Debbie Downer.


Sarah on February 13, 2008 at 12:02 p.m. said...

Oh man. This is a bad day for lots of us!! Poor you, and I'm sorry... TIM HORTON'S CLOSED? I thought they only closed for the half day at Christmas and that was it?!

The owners of that Tim Horton's need a talking to...

Jenn on February 13, 2008 at 1:31 p.m. said...

Aw man! I'm sorry that you are having so much bad car luck. Stupid snow. And stupid Tim Horton's for not having a generator so that they could make you a coffee. And especially stupid flat tire.
I hope that your week gets a little bit better!! Your dinner looks like it was good.

Winter can't end soon enough!

Randi on February 13, 2008 at 2:32 p.m. said...

Dude if you had a do over, you're right, stay in bed.
But hey! Think of the positive! It's hump day! here comes the weekend! Plus you saved yourself the timmy calories right? and that dude never hit you so that's good, be happy.

Jen on February 13, 2008 at 3:17 p.m. said...

OHMIGOODNESS!!! That is a WHOLE lot of bad for 24 hours!!!!

What the eff, why would a CANADIAN TIM HORTONS (!!!!!) shut down due to SNOW!!! (I hear ya, I'm an Albertan too - Fort Mac - and I have only ever DREAMED of a cold/snow day...and we have hit -50!!)

I hope kitty is okay...keeping fingers crossed for you!!

eurydice on February 13, 2008 at 4:57 p.m. said...

wow - sorry you had such a crapass day! if i were you i would have just stayed in bed (the next day lol)

Lex.D on February 13, 2008 at 6:45 p.m. said...

Sarah: I KNOW! I was in shock myself. Tim's never closes. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes..and resort to cafeteria coffee. ick.

Jenn: Thanks for the well wishes! LOL It's been a rediculous few days. The dinner was good, but I'm biased cuz I love Asian food lol.

Randi: I so wish I just stayed in bed. The last straw was the flat tire and i was *thisclose* to just going back to bed. but I didn't. you're right to focus on the good things, and good news, today was better! LOL

Jen: Your shock is exactly what I was going though! hahah coming from ft Mac you can appreciate the story cuz the 'snow day' crap here is rediculous!
Thx for the well wishes for Jade (kitty lol)

Eurydice: I hear ya, but I always feel bad missing work. In retrospect, a 'mental health day' could have been in order LOL