Monday, February 11, 2008

My 1st product Review

Well, I'm watching Dave play guitar hero as we wait patiently for Prison Break to come on and there's not a lot of time to write out a blog, so instead I'll do my first Product review.


Tupperwares' Fridgesmart Containers:

These containers are absolutely amazing. They increase the length of time you can store food such as fruits and veggies in your fridge with it's unique venting system. Things that wouldn't normally last long in the fridge, do end up staying fresher longer with these containers.

You are able to adjust the airflow in these containers depending on what type of food you wish to refrigerate.

My boyfriend's sister in law has these and she is quite the baker/cooker extroidanaire. It doesn't really matter what you plan on refrigerating from strawberries, carrots, celery, broccoli etc. There is a guide printed on the side of the container to indicate how much airflow you should have for the food. You'd simply open/close one, two or none of those white 'pluggy' looking things on the side.

They are Tupperware - and so they do cost a pretty penny - *however* they do last a very long time as they are Tupperware and from a food budget, it just makes sense.

So fight the food condensation which results in mouldy/rotten fruits & veggies!

Pick one of these up at your local Tupperware parties, or go online *here* like I did!

Now, back to Prison Break!! :)


Erin on February 11, 2008 at 10:05 p.m. said...

At first I was like, those are nice, but I can't get them - where am I supposed to find a tupperware party - but then I saw you can get them online! How cool is that? Tupperware is hopping into the 21st century. Every piece I have ever seen is orange, burnt sienna or avocado and from the 70's. My mother in law really likes yard sales.

eurydice on February 12, 2008 at 12:34 p.m. said...

wow... you said they were expensive but they are really quite pricey lol. very cool with the air flow though.

Lex.D on February 13, 2008 at 6:38 p.m. said...

Erin - no kidding, tupperware has come a long way, and can now be bought online! wahoo!

Eurydice: oh yea, they definitely are a bit pricey, but so worth it. I love how they save room in my fridge also.
It may sound gross, but I've probably had celery in my big container for about 3-4 weeks and it's still as green & crisp as ever. i just need to trim the ends when I use it. such a good value!