Tuesday, February 5, 2008


That's how my day ended. At the end of the day at work today, I had heard that there was a huge meeting that took place explaining to the employees that all salaried employees will *not* be getting raises this year.

Grrr, my raise has always been so minimal, however it was always something small to look forward to in the spring.
We don't get any Christmas bonuses like a lot of companies.
we don't get large raises like some companies.
We just get a yearly raise which is a very small percentage of what we make.

It's just so disappointing, and I only have the 'booming Canadian economy' to thank. Yea.. Canadian dollar went up... umm, so who really does that benefit? Just the government, really.
There are so many companies going down due to the lack of exports from Canada, etc etc the list goes on.
For me, my company is a US based company who opened up a few centers in Canada but still maintained a vast amount of US clients.
Canadian employees saved them money... previously.
Now, who knows what.

Grr, that makes me grumpy. It's out of my control, and is really frustrating. The good news is that I still *have* a job, but still. This year, like always, I busted my arse off. There is so little recognition in that place, that the monetary benefit I get yearly does help... no matter how little the raise is.

Anyway, enough of that.

Gym tomorrow (was supposed to be today, but Dave's neck was hurting for some reason and I didn't feel like driving in the snowfall ( I swear there was lightning tonight while it was snowing... weird...)

My meals today were decent:
Wildberry oatmeal for breakfast
Tims Coffee *of course!*

hmmm... nothing actually..

Chicken salad sandwich in a whole wheat pita

Baked Cheetos

Chicken breast with Low fat Cream of Broccoli soup as 'sauce'
Stovetop Chicken Stuffing

Ok so maybe the choices could have been better, but that's all I really had in the house today.


eurydice on February 6, 2008 at 5:53 p.m. said...

that would make me grumpy too. seriously i have the lowest paying job in toronto! i'd like another week of paid vacation too please. :)