Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I will get back into my routine

Yes, i certainly will. now that Dave is back, we will be hitting up the gym, I will be eating better, and I WILL BE BLOGGING MORE!!

First of all i want to apologize if this is rambles and/or doesn't make sense. i purchased a bottle of wine which I'm consuming lol. I'm not a big drinker, so 1 glass makes me foggy lol

Gahh I feel like I've missed out on a lot!! But it's for a good cause. Dave & I had a great Easter and have had a good time getting back into our old routine. We still haven't hit the gym yet, but hey, he still hasn't even done his laundry. That's how behind we are!!

Easter: Did the family thing. Had ham & scalloped potatoes for dinner. I felt terrible cuz I didnt' even eat 1/2 of my plate. for whatever reason I was soooo full. (it could have something to do with the Cora's breakfast we had at noon lol) My cheesecake was a hit. It was very rich, but not too lemony. Pretty good. everyone seemed to like it... and i MAKE them be truthful because I'm not a fan of cheesecakes so I dont know when theyr'e good or not.

i had taken monday off to chill with Dave & we did a lot of running (driving) around. He decided he REALLY wanted to get the xbox 360, so he decided to trade his Ipod touch for the 360 from some dude. I love the itouch, but in the end, when you think about apple products and how they change every week it seems, he did a good job trading the 1st gen itouch for the 360. just sad to see it go. LOL. I got ANOTHER new camera lol. I needed a good, small point and click camera that takes videos also for our trip, so I bought a Canon SD1000. walmart had it on for a crazy crazy deal. It's a REALLY good camera, for anyone looking for a basic point and shoot. i HIGHLY recommend it.

Yesterday and today were just work work work. i went tanning yesterday and panicked later thinking i'd left my gucci watch there, but when I called the salon today I had the girl looking for it, but then I found it in my purse. Phew.

For supper yesterday Dave decided to surprise me and make supper. He made pasta with 'grillems' sausage, but when i came home from work, he looked at me and shook his head indicating the food wasn't good. apparently the grillems sausages had been freezerburned and thats all that could be tasted.
nice thought though!

Tonight I felt like vietnamese soup (Pho) so we had that. DELISCIOUS!

oMG, i have to run. BB9 eviction night is on!!!

I'll be back soon!!!! Thanks for staying with me!


ashley on March 26, 2008 at 10:07 p.m. said...

I'm happy for you that Dave is back!

I have (almost) the same camera! I've got the SD750. And it is great.

Have fun with Dave- and get into that gym! Your trip is right around the corner!

Living to Feel Good on March 29, 2008 at 4:58 a.m. said... sound like me..."BB starts in 20 mins..I have to get home."

Do you watch the After Dark on Showtime? I love it because I already know who is on the block, and who won POV. My husband is starting to get into it. Who are you rooting for?

Jenn on March 31, 2008 at 1:21 p.m. said...

How was everything this past week with Dave being back? I hope that your schedule is finally returning to normal!!

Lex.D on March 31, 2008 at 10:44 p.m. said...

Ashley - yay! thanks! It's been great that he's back. the cameras are very similar & they're both great!!

LTFG - hahahah, i'm SUCH a BB addict ... though last night I missed BB9 cuz we had a guitar hero tournametn at a local pub. oh my.. lol i watch the feeds on youtube, there's some dude on there that posts 9min clips and that keeps me up to date! I'm rooting for Ryan - mostly cuz he's a splitting image of my bf Dave hahahah

Jenn- things are slowly getting back to normal. I'm sad to say that TODAY has been the 'get back into a routine' day, but at least it's something! :)