Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wow it's been forever

I really do need to start posting more often!! I'm not sure what's going on. I seem to be falling deeper & deeper into an attitude where I just feel gross, unhappy with how I look, and yet I can't find the motivation (even though I have TONNES) to get moving!
Looking back, this past week was the worst. I only went to the gym on Thursday. 1 day. I didn't even go on the weekends - and I normally LOVE going on the weekends because it's such a more laid back vibe. Nope. didn't happen. Instead I was stuck on the couch reading my new Sophie Kinsella Book.

Anyway, yesterday & today were kind of write offs. Yesterday I did the same as I did over the weekend: come home & chill. Read book. Fun..
Today after work I went to the mall to meet up with a friend for the Teppan-type japanese fast food for dinner: (think Edo Japan but called something differe), but she wasn't able to join. So instead I walked through the mall with an orange julius & taking a look at a lot of the new spring clothing out! YAY! I can't wait to get a few new summer dresses... which is actually what I did.
So here's the background... last year American Eagle had this strapless white summerdress that was beautiful, but it was $60, and I just couldn't afford it (or *need* it) at that time. So I just admired it from afar.
Today in Winners I somehow found that SAME dress but on for $24.99!!! Bango!!
Here it is:

I was so happy to find it! I tried it on along with 2 pairs of guess cropped jeans & a guess cargo-type dress. Nothing else fit. I could barely get the cropped jeans over my thighs to put on...and yet, the one pair I did manage to pull on wouldn't fit around my waist properly so my ass hung out...

It's so discouraging going clothing shopping... especially for pants.
I'm a bit taller, and its hard to find a good length that ALSO fits snug in the waist.

Today was no exception...BUT I did manage to walk away with my dress!

While trying on my dress I noticed a few scars on my legs (I can never leave skeeter bites alone & they scar on me lol) so I have to start using my Mederma Cream again:

I will tell you... for Anyone who has scars they want to get rid of, or even stretch marks... this stuff REALLY works!!!!
Last year during spring I was so embarassed to wear skirts/shorts or even capris because my cars on my legs were so bad. I was going on the trip to Cuba and LIKE HELL would I have pics taken with scarry legs. Seriously... the scars on my legs were horrible... darkened... like...it looked like I had a disease or something. I just checked for pics and there aren't any but I do have pics of the *after effect*
Anyway, I bought some of this cream off ebay because the drugstores charge you up the yingyang for this stuff, and in less than 1 month I noticed a change.

This pic is from the day before I went to Cuba. Yea... I was DARK!!!! (I love it! Oh.. and notice the glass in my hand. This was a Nova Scotia Liquor Commission Beach Party night... sample drinks ALL around for a sweet cover of $30... yes.. I was a little liquored here) lol. I outlined some of the scars. I really wish you could compare it with the 'before' but you'll just have to take my word that the 'before' was awful. I had people asking me all the time what was wrong with my legs. Terrible.

And here is one *at* cuba. Just another angle:

So as you can see, the scars are still there... still a little bit dark, but they pale in comparison to the 'before'.

so... long story short: if you have scars and/or stretch marks you want to vanish, then pick up a few of these tubes & see the amazing effect it had!!

I truely recommend it!

Ok, now it's time for me to sleep. Happy humpday everyone.

Oh btw - *IF* I was going to be going to Texas I'd have to be there Sunday.... guess what... I STILL haven't been told if I'm going or not.
Last minute.. that's so me. Apparently my boss sees that too, so he's got to be last minute with me. I dont' have kids but I do have 2 CATS and a bunny to figure out what I'm going to do with them. Argg!!


ashley on March 12, 2008 at 12:29 a.m. said...

I'm tall and have the same issue!

And thank you for recommending Mederma! I was quite adventurous (or clumsy... :) when I was younger, which has left me with nasty huge scars all over. Now that I know Mederma works, I just ordered it!

Jen on March 12, 2008 at 12:05 p.m. said...

I LOVE that dress! It is going to look fantastic on you!!

I am going to try the Mederma...I had a skin condition a while ago and I would love to see if it will work on the scars!!!

I hope they tell you soon about your trip!

Jenn on March 12, 2008 at 1:46 p.m. said...

That little dress is really cute! It's going to look great on you.

And you look really cute in the other picture you posted. All tan and curvy - very pretty! :)

I have the same trouble as you do with pants not fitting in the waist. I think most women have that trouble. You would think the stores would catch on by now!

I hope you find out soon about traveling for work. It stinks that they are dragging their feet.

Erin on March 12, 2008 at 2:32 p.m. said...

I love Winner's!

My problems is that I am short and so it is hard for me to find clothes - even shirts - that fit properly!

Living to Feel Good on March 13, 2008 at 5:53 a.m. said...

I'm tall too. I have a hard time finding pants with long lengths. Glad you got your dress. :D

eurydice on March 13, 2008 at 5:17 p.m. said...

super cute photos!!!

Lex.D on March 15, 2008 at 9:31 p.m. said...

Ashley - oh the stuff definitely works!! Use it *as directed* of course and you'll start to see results!

Jen: Thanks!! I love it tooo!!! I saw some articles online that the Mederma works on deep deep scars, so it'll probably help out!
PS: No trip. Friggen a-hole of a boss....

Jenn: Oh boy I was DARK in those pics! But I love tanning lol. I do it in moderation though LOL.
Yup, no travelling. Again, stupid a-hole of a boss.

Erin: I wish I had your problem sometimes, cuz then I could get things hemmed. But for me with pants, it makes it hard, cuz the length can't be lengthened LOL

LTFG: Yay! I;m excited, and I'm sure one day I'll post pics of the dress... probably not until the trip though lol

Eurydice: thanks! :)