Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's crunch time!

Just a few more sleeps until Flying off to beautiful Punta Cana!!! Our flight is at 6am Saturday morning and we have to be at the airport 3hrs ahead (eek!) so I doubt I'll be sleeping at all Friday night. This is really going to mess with my schedule. I am such an earlybird nowadays it's terrible! I had a girlfriend over on Saturday night and we had a nice long girl chat... yea it was pretty long! She was here until 4am! I really enjoyed the company, but DANG it was hard remaining conscious at that hour!! I thought I could bust an all nighter on Saturday before the flight, but this weekend proved I don't have the skills to stay up late like I thought I did! hahahha

There is so much running around to do!! I really REALLY need to make a list... like.... ASAP because I'm sure I'm going to forget something last minute!!

Friday's WI was decent: down to 150.4. Nothing drastic, but still acceptable!

Work is work is work is work. Nothing new on that front. I *do* have an in-person interview in a few days, so that's NERVEWRACKING!! I'm EXTREMELY Thankful that I have a weeklong vacation after the interview, so I wont have to stress about the job at home!! Rather than waiting like a madwoman around the phone to see if I got the job or to hear the dreaded news that I didn't, I'll be in Punta Cana where I can't accept calls! (I can very easily see myself paying for internet and checking my email, however!)
Ladies, I'm freaking out!!! I want this job more than anything, but I'm so nervous I wont get it! I'd feel like such a failure because this job is for me! (I'll post details later if (hopefully "when") I get it!

Anyway, not much else is new.

OH WAIT YES THERE IS! I played at a guitar hero tournament at our local pub AND WON!! Yep, I won the Medium skilled competition (in the game you can play: Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert). I won the medium competition, so now that means the next time i play, I HAVE to battle on the next level (hard). I'm no where near good enough to play that, so another good reason to have this vacation!! lol

I'll post videos one day soon (not tonight, its 12:10AM already).

Have a good night/good morning!


Jenn on April 15, 2008 at 11:22 a.m. said...

I'm so excited (and a little jealous) for your vacation!!! I've never been to Punta Cana but I have heard about how nice it is! You deserve a nice vacation.

Good luck on your interview!!!!! Try not to be too nervous - but I know how hard that is!

Congrats on winning at guitar hero!! :)

Jen on April 15, 2008 at 1:16 p.m. said...

WOOT!!! That is super exciting about the guitar hero tourney!!! I would be TERRIFIED to play hard though!!! EEK!!

That's so exciting that your vacation is right away!!! Sounds like you need a little getaway!!! Hopefully you will be STRESS FREE!!!

I am excited for your interview as well!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!

ashley on April 16, 2008 at 12:04 a.m. said...

I am so excited for you with this vacation! It is almost here! And you are going to look GREAT. I can't wait to see pictures!

Good luck with the interview!

eurydice on April 16, 2008 at 1:23 p.m. said...

almost vacation time - lucky you! and congrats for winning that tourney... you must be really good! guitar hero is super fun - i've only played a couple of times and want to play more more more. :)