Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Blues

Yuck. All day today I have been just grumpy. I didn't get my morning coffee this morning, and I hope that had nothing to do with it, because I dont' see myself as a coffee addict, but I dont' know what it was. I just couldn't shake my mood.

It's finally over though, which is good.

I FINALLY found out that my mom and best bud received their *mothers day* flowers TODAY. The delivery was set to 'sunday preferred, but Saturday acceptable'. meaning if the florist was going to be too busy with sunday orders, then delivery on saturday would work as well.
Well that didn't happen. I called quite a few times yesterday and today, and finally 1800flowers called the florists and straightened it out. Holy moly - i wanted the flowers to be a surprise, but I had to ask both my mom and my friend if they recieved their flowers, because I didn't get a thank you call/email, so I wasn't sure if they'd actually recieved them. good thing i called because they hadn't.

Still nothing from potential employer. I dont want to feel this way, but it is a little unnerving. *Why* aren't i getting a call? It doesnt help my confidence. (as an FYI - these folks WOULD call/email if I didnt get it, so I'm not just anxiously waiting for no word.)

This weekend is the long weekend in Canada and Dave, his bro & sis in law and I will be taking a road trip to New Brunswick to visit their uncle and aunt. I love roadtrips, so hopefully the weather cooperates because it's been pretty FREAKING terrible lately!!

My birthday is just around the corner (May 23). I dont know how I feel about it. I'm turning 26 and I dont really have any goals that I wanted to have completed yet.
No career, just a job.
Not married/engaged
no kids
lots of debt
no house

those aren't really goals persay, but just things that I thought would be headed my way by now, but that's not the case for any of those things listed.

I was fine with 25, but now that I'm turning 26 it's closer to 30, which just confirms I'm growing up,. It's a little scary...

Anyway, i'm signing off. I need some sleep. Hopefully humpday is better!!