Monday, February 2, 2009

No title today

My WI on Friday wasn't the best. In January I managed to do a full circle in terms of my weight since I ended up back where I started. Ahh well, I'll just have to work harder!

I don't have toooooooooo much to blog about today. The weekend was good. Dave & I went to see Gran Torino and it was AWESOME!!! A definite must-watch! The movie date was funny since we ran into Dave's youngest brother at the theatre on his own date...yikes! He may have thought we were stalking him haha.

Last evening we went to Dave's parents house for dinner (spaghetti & meatsauce). It was a fun time. He has a fairly large family (3 brothers) and so it makes for a good time. Last night we played my new game "What?". It is SOOOO much fun, and I highly recommend it! We play it on our bi-weekly game night and it's even more fun with a few drinks!

Heroes is on again tonight! It's a big TV night tonight: a new Gossip Girl, Bachelor, and Heroes. Wahoo!!

So, in other news, Dave & I haven't been doing to well. He went out (online) and bought a $3500+ laptop without talking to me about it. He did tell me about it AFTER he purchased it and BEFORE it was delivered, but I am peeved because he didn't talk to me about it at all. He felt it would be a losing battle since there's no way I'd "ok" it. Maybe that is true, but DAMN...thats a HUGE purchase! I don't even look at the thing. Call me childish, but anytime I see it I boil inside.
Also, this whole thing kind of makes me rethink the vacation plans.... he says he can still afford his ticket, but I have no idea how. I have my money saved up, but I know he doesn't. ARG!
Now on the flipside... HE has been frustrated with me because he knows how much I hate the thing. Once again.. its a $3500+ GAMING laptop.. (??) oh..and i should mention he has an entire bedroom with a bunch of servers and TERRABYTES (??) full of space with tonnes of ram (long story short... LOTS of computers that are MORE than equipped to play video games). But he is upset that I cannot accept this. He is PASSIONATE about computer stuff, and that he's wanted an upgradable laptop since BEFORE he met me....
So we're butting heads.
It's not a fun situation. I don't know how to handle it.... here's the selfish part... A BIG part of me is wondering if we're ever going to get engaged, then married?? He talks to me about it, then goes and does something like this that just doesn't support what we've talked about at-all.
Am I crazy?!
I do not want to fight, and I'm GOING to have to suck it up, but it's always always always going to be on my mind..........


(Oh - Thanks for all of the support for Epicure!!! I haven't got my kit yet, so I am not sure how I want to begin this whole adventure, but I definitely want to tie it into my Blog somehow!!)


Bi0nicw0man on February 2, 2009 at 9:47 p.m. said...

Girl, that's exactly how I felt about FH. I figured marriage would never happen due to the fact that he can't save 25 cents, let alone the money for an engagement ring. But low and behold he pulled it off and I was stunned. He ended up putting in on a credit plan, but it's no interest and he has to make the payment every month so it all worked out. It's tough when you aren't sharing money because they don't feel like they need your input....I remember FH once saying to me "gee thanks for letting me spend my own money" when I kicked up a stink about something he bought. They sure can come off stupid sometimes.

I'm sure it will all work out.

eurydice on February 3, 2009 at 10:19 a.m. said...

i hope it works out too! i don't even live with my boyfriend and i'm keeping tabs on him... as much as i can anyway.

Jen on February 3, 2009 at 12:06 p.m. said...

I amonly now getting to this because it took me a bit to catch up on your blog!!!

Money is funny...I don't have much advice for you there, but I can share my experiences with my pre-marital counseling (we were required to take it) we were told that the 2 things good couples fight about are money and sex because those things ebb and flow. I find Danny and I fight more when we have more money than when things are tight...we kept our finances separate for a long time, and once we pooled our money it seemed that we fought about it less....I am okay if he goes out and buys a 2 terabyte hard drive because I most likely was out buying shoes while he was in the other store...HOWEVER, that is a REALLY big purchase and I am just surprised that he didn't mention it to you...Danny usually researches that stuff and it's all I hear about for the next 2 weeks and I know he is going to order it's just how he works...

ANYWAY, I am rambling here...I think he should have ran it by you first because you are sharing some expenses...but it sounds like he indulged in a little retail therapy after the incident with the job...that really sucks...

Onto happier stuff!! I would LOVE it if you did an epicure post!!! I seriously adore that stuff and I own lots and lots of it plus an awesome frying pan and a couple of knives!!! GREAT stuff!!!! I would love to learn all the fun - TASTY - things I could make!!!!

Amy on February 3, 2009 at 1:08 p.m. said...

When it comes to that kind of stuff, I always let it go. BUT, my husband knows that I'm not going to make a big deal about it, so he always comes to me first... We made a rule before we got married that any purchase over $50, we had to get okayed by the other person. That way, we would always know the money is there.

I guess it's his money, so it's his decision... just don't let it make you think that it's going to affect his decisions about you. I hope that helps!

Randi on February 3, 2009 at 2:50 p.m. said...

I've known a lot of guys who go make a crazy big waste of money piss of the girl purchase, JUST before they propose. Sort of the bachelor party of finances.

Hubby and I used to fight ALL the time about money (we were joint account). But then I sat him down and showed him our "budget" of non-negotiable spending, and how much he was spending of OUR extra money, then we split the "free" money in half so I can no longer get mad at him for blowing $300 on something when it came out of HIS money.

As long has he knows what you expect of him money wise (save for a ring and wedding?) and until you pool your finances, his money is still his and he really shouldn't have to "run it by you" first so you really shouldn't get mad. (if you have a joint account, or joint pay bills or something, make sure he at least always covers his share)

Lynn on February 3, 2009 at 8:02 p.m. said...

RCY - I buy Bobs Red Mill Organic Flaxeed -

It can be found in any of the Health Food/Organic sections of the Superstores in HRM. They also carry it at Planet Organic. I haven't looked for it at Sobey's but I'm sure its there!

PS. LOVE the look of your blog!

Cat_82 on February 4, 2009 at 6:47 p.m. said...

Where is my comment! I totally commented on this post!!