Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleep is good!

I finally got a good night's rest last night! Thanks to my ladies for the great tips on catching some Zzz's. I think my body was super pooped so I had no issues getting to sleep last night. Hopefully tonight is more of the same!

This week I have been getting to work nice & early (730) so I get to leave work at 4 which is nice!
Yesterday I moseyed onto Chapters to look for some books to give my goddaughter who's turning 2 in less than 2 weeks. She lives across the country from me, so I'll have to mail the stuff ASAP! I also got Dave a "Dave" book: "A briefer history of time" by Stephen Hawking. He is VERY much into crazy physics of stuff, so I'll give that to him as a 'welcome home' gift on Friday. He's not a book lover, but he does get super sucked into a book when he wants to. For someone who rarely reads, he is still somehow FULL of crazy crazy knowledge... I don't know how he retains all of that information! He's TOTALLY one of those guys you go to if you want information on ANY random useless fact!

After Chapters yesterday I headed for a quick tan. (Yes - I know its terrible for you, but so is burning to a crisp in the HOT carribean sun - AND.. it was a WONDERFUL 10 minutes of relaxation that I needed!)

Today after work I came home and did my Windsor Pilates video which was easier than a few days ago.

For supper I had the same as yesterday: Grilled chicken, red pepper, baby portabello mushrooms mixed together with some steamed beans and broccoli.
I have tonnes of veggies that I need to eat ASAP! Costco sized veggies are wonderful but so easy to waste so I'm trying not to do that.

I went to visit my girlfriend for a while tonight, and now I'm about to hit the sack so I can try to get to work for 730 again.

Tomorrow I have to prep for my cake decorating class on Thursday. It'll be my first cake using fondant and I honestly have no clue what to do to prep, so we'll see what happens!!