Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daily point struggles

Original Post:

This morning I had to wake up super early (6am – that is early for me!) because I had to do another 2hrs of driving for my drivers training.  Gahh!  This has been such a long process but I only have one more class to go!  Then I can take my certificate to the insurance peoples and they can ever so kindly reduce my insurance rate by over $1000/year!

I had recommitted myself to tracking my meals on WW online and as much as I love keeping track of everything – I am finding it very hard to stay within my daily points: 22.  By lunchtime I have about 6-7 or less points left which makes it seriously difficult to have a filling dinner. 

Heck – my points just began on Friday – today is Monday and I have used all of my weekly point allowances, including activity points that I earned.

What the heck?!

I really don’t think I am eating horribly bad!?  Maybe I am counting my points wrong?  I could probably start posting my daily eats and see what you all think. 

I have been wanting to go to the WW meetings with Lynn & Angie since they started going but something has always come up.  As much as I do want to go and check them out, I am not sure if I can each week.  It’s $25 to pay for the registration plus $15/meeting I believe.  At this time of year, my wallet is getting stretched incredibly thin – even after the initial week it’d only be $15/week but it all adds up, right?  With me & Dave becoming more budget-conscious it has opened our eyes to things we really need to be concentrating on more seriously …  ok ok ok enough with the dramatics!

Anyway – I am going to try this menu thing out:

Breakfast – (8 Points)

1 banana – 1.5Points

1/2 cup pomegranates – 2 Points 1 points (thx Jaime)

Source yogurt – 1 point

Flax Granola – 3 Points

Coffee w/ Cream & sugar – 1.5 Points

Lunch - (9.5 Points)

Lean Cuisine – 6 points

2 small clementines – 0.5 points

Nature Valley Apple Cobbler Granola bar – 2 points

1 measly miniature Dove Caramel5 points?   1 point (I put in the link to the NI - it seems this is for 5 pieces - Thanks everyone - this is definitely 1 Point!)

Dinner 19 Points 13 Points

Spaghetti & Lean Turkey sauce – 10 points 4 points - thanks to Les I realized I wasn't doing the recipes properly - I forgot to calculate the total serving size.  I stil think this may be off but it is closer to the actual points than 10 was

Large Fruit cup – 5 points

2 Hard Boiled Eggs – 4 points

Daily used – 41.5??!?!?!?!?!?!!?  <------ Seriously… THIS IS SAD!  35.5 - still NOT GOOD but 'better' 1 more time: 30.5

I honestly don’t think I can eat any less than what I am!  I am shocked at the 9 8 points for breakfast – the fruit is really seeming to add up!



In happier news – Les and I headed out to FitKick at Nubodys.  It was an awesome kickboxing type class and we killed it!  I started to get the chills and my ears were like ice so I was worried I was going to pass out – I really hate that feeling!  Hopefully I can get better!

Anyway – time to catch up on some of the boobtube!