Thursday, December 31, 2009

So stiff!

Original Post:

It was absolutely difficult to do pretty much anything today.  From the moment I got up… well from the moment I rolled out of the bed (literally) I have been soooo stiff!  When I went to work and parked the car Dave had to actually pull me out of the car!

This crazy body stiffness is a result of 2 successful days at the gym!  I know the pain means I am actually working my muscles – but how could I not after forgetting about them for so long?

After work I did a Google search online for a yoga video and yoga-ed it up a bit after supper tonight.  It was only 20 minutes but I enjoyed it – the instructor spoke with a calm soothing voice and there was gentle music in the background.  Just how I like it!

Check it out:


My stiffness has now seemed to have loosened up a bit.  Thank goodness!  It has been a rough couple of days!

Since Dave’s birthday is tomorrow, I plan on doing birthday things for the next couple of days.  I won’t be heaving to the WW meeting on Saturday with the ladies, but hopefully I am able to in the upcoming weeks.  It’s not something I’ve ever been to before so I am quite interested to see what they’re all about.

It looks like the next gym day will be Monday where we do the Fit kick class – kind of a kickboxing type class.  Tuesday will be Zumba and possibly Wednesday will be another spin class…?

Anyway – I’m off to spend some time with the birthday man!

Awesome random fact – Dave & I first MET 4 years ago today (Nov 5).