Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weekend of Fun!

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This weekend is Dave’s birthday weekend so we’ve been having oodles of fun together!  Despite the snow we got on Friday, we still headed out to his brother & sister in law’s place for a BBQ!  It was great – delicious burgers, hotdogs and wings! 

Of course I made a cake for him – none other than a Rubiks cube cake!! (Dave is an avid cuber – as any of the ladies who have met him can attest to!)


Saturday we slept in quite late – we didn’t get out of bed until 1ish in the afternoon.  Nice!  It has been SO long since we’ve done that and it felt good!

Grocery shopping was on our ‘to-do’ list for Saturday but we had a change of plans and postponed it for a day.  Instead of me cooking supper, I took Dave out to Mexico Lindo for dinner.  This is just a small little restaurant but it never disappoints!  They gave us some delicious nachos and spicy salsa to munch on while we waited for our food.  I think they make their own nachos and trust me when I say they are nothing like what you get at the grocery stores!

We each had a class of Agua Fresca (which is probably my favorite beverage in the world!).  Normally we’d get a pitcher but they ran out for the night (popular drink!).


Although I ordered a Chimichanga combo, I got an Enchilada combo instead – which was ok!  I have never had either so next time I’ll try the Chimichanga. 

My enchiladas were topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream.  On the sides there was rice with corn and some beans.  The beans looked awful but they were sooooo good!!


I got pretty stuffed from the starter nachos, so I only ate my rice, 1/2 of the beans and 1/2 of one enchilada.  That means lucky me gets 1.5 enchiladas for leftovers tonight!! mmm!

Anyone who lives in the Halifax area or who will be visiting should really check this place out.  It looks like a little restaurant from the outside (which it is) that you could easily walk by, but the food and service (even with the slipup of my order) are excellent!

Today Dave & I woke up much earlier than last night and he wanted to go to a flea market.  I proposed the Christmas Craft Fair to him and he agreed to come along.  I have never been to the craft fair before so I was curious to see what it was all about.

I have realized that I haven’t taken many pictures of Dave & I in the past few months – which kind of disappoints me.  One of my goals (#4) was to take my photos, print them and put them in albums – but if I don’t have pictures how can I do that, right?  Another goal (#74) was to take a new photo of Dave & myself each month for a year.   I have number 1 of 12 covered here:


So here’s a photo (and vid!) breakdown of today’s events:

Dave locking up our home sweet home & ready to go craft-fair-ing!


Ooh Sophie sittin’ pretty.  She just got a nice bath yesterday:


Setting Garmin on Dave’s BlackBerry.  We didn’t really need it, but we turned it on… cuz we can!


Photo Op! (again with my new red toque!)


Off we go!!


Ok – here’s where I had to take a video.  As soon as I turned on the radio, BEP’s were playing.  Loves it!


The smooch at the end was for all of my ladies (and the hubbys lol).  Miss you all!!

Ok check out this ginormous sized Santa!  Of course I went in for a crotch shot…


Inside the fair we ran into Les & her big J.  They had mentioned a whole other wing which we hadn’t ventured over to which was where all of the food was!  Dave & I moseyed over and stumbled across something unexpected… Bubble Tea!! We both LOVE Bubble Tea but it is SO hard to find here in Halifax. (I still have yet to find a really good BBT place here…)



After walking around for a bit the 4 of us decided to grab some grub.  I had some perogies…. they were polish but they still were great.  (I am Ukrainian so there is a bit of a battle between Polish & Ukrainians… hehe).  These are soo bad for you but they are the food of ‘my people’ (lol) so I had to indulge.  There were 7 in the container but I gave 3 away so I was left with 4.


Check out the boys whispering about techhy stuff they ‘need’ to buy… trying to keep it secret from us ladies.


One of the things I did end up getting was a stuffed animal.  Weird I know… well not really.  These stuffed animals are hand made by a group of people called Team Sleep and they are so awesome.  So stiff (I really like stiff pillows, so I think that is why I really liked these guys) but also soooo soft.  His name is “Huggsy” and Les’s little J got one too!  Check us out!


We all decided to call it a day after much walking around and some good eats.  When Dave & I walked to the car we saw a huge Susie’s Shortbread cupcake that I had to get a pic with!


Tonight the boys (Dave & big J) decided to check out a movie together (some scary movie that Les & I don’t care to see) so we’re going to have a girls night in and watch  Amazing Race and/or Desperate Housewives!

What an awesome weekend!

PS – can I mention AGAIN how awesome Angie & Lynn are doing with their WW meetings & progress?!?!  They have been and continue to be SERIOUSLY inspiring many in blogland.  I love it!