Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fit mix kicked my butt!

Original post:

So my candy consumption has reduced… not substantially but I’ve gotten better.  Instead of 2 packs of each candy – I had one.  (Trust me – this is progress for me!)  There is an empty desk next to mine at work where ALL of the Halloween candy for my team has been placed.  ANY time I get up from my desk I have to walk by it – a bowl of truffles, another bowl of chocolate candies, another bowl of candy-candies (rockets, gummies etc).

It’s madness,  I tell ya!

For breakfast today I just had a blueberry muffin that my manager brought into work for the team.  I didn’t really have a chance to snack after that due to a long meeting at work and oodles of work to do after the meeting.  Also, I had to leave work for 2hrs to do class #3 of 5 of my in-car drivers training.

For lunch I had some leftover Shepherd’s pie which was AMAZING!  What is it with beef dishes always tasting better on day 2?

When I got home I only had a few minutes before I needed to head out and meet up with Angie to go to the gym for a Fit Mix class.

We seriously have NO food in our place – haven’t gotten groceries in forever, so all I could muster up for my pre-workout grub was a small bowl of raisin bran cereal.

Let me tell you folks… Fit Mix is NO JOKE!  We thought we were signing up for more of a Fit Form class but nuh uh.  Not so much.  This gave our Booty Camp workouts a run for their money!  It was high intensity 95% of the class.  Lunges, squats, football drills, planks, the list seriously goes on.  I was DRIPPING with sweat, my muscles were shaking, I felt the heat coming off my body.  It was quite intense!  My head is still a little discombobulated!

This was my first workout SINCE Booty Camp (terrible, I know eh?)  so I was not in the best shape to go into such a high intensity class but I’M GLAD I DID!  Just stepping into the gym made me miss it  (I haven’t been to the gym in over a year…) so hopefully this kickstarts my gym motivation!  If this doesn’t, I know I have the Halibloggers to rely on for motivation!

I got a wonderful comment from Angie today saying how she thinks I look beautiful the way I am… but like anyone else, I have crazy insecurities.  To me, my belly + arse need a LOT of work…  they are my least favorite areas – specifically my belly… I’m also wishing I could tone my arms some.

(Seriously – these girls are FREAKING wonderful!)

After class, Angie & I headed to Sobeys where I picked up some post-workout grub.

I grabbed some pre-hard boiled & peeled eggs (honestly – it looks and sounds gross but these suckers are SO good and SO convenient!)

gum - 4

gym - 3

I had half of this package of sushi – DBF got the rest.

gum - 2

Soon I will be snacking on this wonderful fruit dish:

gym - 1

Angie was SO kind to give me a couple of her POM coupons she received.  I picked up two POM beverages – a peach POM drink & Blueberry POM drink.

I was a dumbass and forgot my water SOMEWHERE (I still can’t find it) so as SOON as I got into my car I popped open the Peach Pom drink and started chugging away.

Here’s a pic of me at home enjoying this amazing drink (still sweating my arse off)!



Next up on the gym voyage is Fit Ride at Nubodys (spin class).  I am SO excited but a little scared at the same time.  I am remembering a blog post from eons ago from a fellow bloggie that talked about her first spin class.

I know my head – and I KNOW I’ll be going through some of the same terror in my head at some point during the class. I am always terrified of vomiting while I work out (I RARELY if EVER puke – from drinking or otherwise) so I just don’t look forward to something like that.  I think I’d be totally humiliated!  I also know how paranoid I can get and how I can psych myself out.  Hopefully this does not happen tomorrow… we will see!