Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spin class = success!

Original post:

Achy achy achy.  My whole body is aching!

I woke up this morning feeling the wrath of yesterday’s Fit Form class.  Sitting down, standing up, going up/down stairs were all extremely difficult tasks today.  It’s quite apparent that I am out of shape!

So what does one do when they can barely walk properly and is in so much pain?

Go to their first spin class of course!

Angie, Les, one of Ang’s friends Amy, and myself all headed to Nubody’s for their FitRide class – which is a spin class.

What is spinning?

  • Spinning classes are done in a fitness studio, with various light and music settings to create an energized atmosphere.
  • Instructors guide participants through workout phases. Warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc.
  • You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. Constant adjustment is normal.
  • All you'll need is workout clothes, a towel (to wipe your face) and a water bottle.
  • Spinning bikes have toe clips so you can wear tennis shoes. But many pedals also work with Shimano-style SPD cleats.


    I was comforted by the fact that none of us ladies have ever ‘spun’ (?) before.  None of us knew exactly what to expect and went in the class with open minds.  It was pretty cool that we were the only 4 there, so the instructor kind of did a nice intro-to-spinning class for us.  It was not tame by any means but I don’t think it involved the whole 9 yards that a normal 40min class would do… which was OK with me!

    After we got our bikes all set up for ourselves we started off at a steady spin and did some upper body stretches.  We began spinning at a steady pace and once we were more comfortable on our bikes we got the show on the road.  There was a mixture of speed (light tension), strength (high tension), standing up while spinning, then leaning over while spinning.

    To balance yourself it would be pretty natural to use the handlebars to support yourself, but to ensure you are getting a good workout the proper way would be to use more of your core.  I tried to keep that in mind during the class and tried only holding on lightly with my fingers to make sure I was getting it somewhat correct.

    My legs, specifically my knees, did not agree with the standing up spin – and somewhat the hunched over spin.  My legs were already jello from the night before and I could only use my core so much.  When I couldn’t stand up/hunch over, I sat down but kept spinning.

    I really enjoyed how the different exercises went with the different songs the instructor had going.  It seemed very strategically planned and I appreciated that – it made getting into the ‘groove’ that much easier.  (BEP’s “Good night,” even came on and Les, Ang and I all ‘awwwhed’ -oh memories!)

    When the drills were completed, we did a brief cool down then some wonderful (and much needed) stretching.

    Overall I definitely enjoyed the class and would totally do it again!  It was a great workout but I especially liked being able to go at my own pace – with the shape my body was in, there was no way I could really push it.

    After class Ang & I got a Pete’s Frootique salad (my first!) and it was DELISCIOUS!  It was loaded with:

    Mixed greens, spinach, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, cranberries, beets & egg – topped with a creamy poppy seed dressing (I think it was poppy seed?  I had a taste test and loved it!)



    Have you gone spinning before?  What tips/tricks do you have to make for a great class?