Thursday, December 31, 2009

More OB Love!

Original Post:

I woke up this morning kind of on the wrong foot – see, I use my BlackBerry as my morning alarm AND I am a bigtime snoozer.  I guess instead of pressing ‘snooze’ I pressed ‘dismiss’ and ended up sleeping in a little.  I had 15minutes to get dressed and go to work.  Yikes! 

My eats today started off okay

bagel & cream cheese in the morning

lean cuisine for lunch (chicken in wine sauce) = 3 Points!

clementines as a snack, 1/2 cup pomegranite jewels & yogurt as another snack

But supper is where it all fell apart.  Yesterday Superstore had back ribs on a huge sale – practically a 2 for 1 price so I *had* to pick them up.  Ribs are seriously one of my most favorite meats (aside from steak) so I was weak – but seriously… they were a great deal!

We ate one slab for supper tonight.  They were simmering in the slow cooker with just some chopped onions and sweet & sour BBQ sauce.  Soooo good!! I still need to figure out my slow cooker timing – when we got home the sauce had burnt/caramalized along the sides and had a very harshly strong flavor.  I cooked it for 6hrs so that it could stay on ‘warm’ for the rest of the day.  Maybe that 6hrs is on a higher heat if I set it to 10hrs?  I am not too sure! 

Tonight Angie and I hit up Nubodys and attended the Fit Kick class once again.  It was hard work but SO much fun.  I freaking love the instructor.  She is so upbeat and friendly and keeps the momentum going!  Today I was hurting a bit in the class.  I got crampy on my sides and thought I’d drank too much water but then I remembered my heavy dinner!  Note to self – no ribs before a workout!!!

After class I went to Booster Juice to get a protein packed smoothie.  Sooooo good as always!

On the agenda tomorrow is  Zumba!  It will be my first time so I have no idea what to expect.  I believe farmgirl, angie, and maybe Lynn, Jaime and Tash will join?

Operation Beautiful Update:

On Friday I found this note on my car as I left work:


(Thanks Christine :)

The note was sitting in the car over the weekend and gave me a smile each time I saw it.

Today I figured why not pay it forward?   Let someone else enjoy some OB love!

So I took it upon myself to leave it on the mirror at the gym today:



Have a great night everyone!