Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zumba fun!

Original Post:

Weeeeee!  I am on an adrenaline high right now!! Tonight Angie, farmgirl and Tammy headed to Goodlife to take part in some Zumba action!


So – much – Fun!!

For real!  The class was an hour long and it was non stop fun the whole time!  We got to shake what our mamas gave us, mambo number 5, and merengue like no other!  The class was full of all women of various ages and fitness levels.  I only saw one woman walk out after the first few minutes.  The instructor was fun and upbeat and kept everyone going.

Ang’s HRM said that there were about 430 cals burned (I think?)  which was pretty unexpected.  It was almost equivalent to what was burned at Nubody’s Fit Kick class.

I can TOTALLY see me hitting up this class every week!  It’s too bad that it is the only class offered in Halifax 1x a week.  I’d like to go more often!  I was having so much fun (and sweating my ass off) that I had no idea I was getting a good workout in!

I did learn from yesterday’s rib episode (btw – I had the WORST indigestion last night… it was terrrrrrrible!) and had an eggwhite, spinach, salsa whole wheat wrap before class.  Nice & light as well as filling.

So I am in the market for an HRM.  I have seen some folks with Polar, others with Garmin.  I may just take the plunge and get the Garmin Forerunner 305.


We shall see!


Oh and I should mention what a SWEETHEART farmgirl is!! She gave me a lululemon headband and a Starbucks gift card as a thanks for the cake I made her.  What a sweetie!  (and now I have a lulu headband.. YEAH!!!) xoxoxoxo

Off to catch up on some massive DVR action: Young & the Restless, Biggest Loser, oh my!!