Friday, January 15, 2010

Doing the right thing

OK… so I didn’t get to the gym for Zumba like I last mentioned.  In fact, I haven’t been to the gym SINCE that mini workout on the bike.  After work on Wednesday I went home and just ended up chillin’ on the couch.  I may have dozed off here and there. 

It felt good!

Thursday after work I drove up to my friend from work’s house to visit her and her newborn baby.  Isn’t she adorable?  It really was great catching up with my friend and meeting her newborn.  She was born on Christmas Eve!

IMG_2856sm IMG_2858sm

I had such a great night there… but that’s when it turned from the worst.  As I was dropping off my other friend at her place, we turned a corner and saw something terrible at the corner of our eye.  We saw what looked like a cat laying on the road waving it's paws.

Instantly panicked.

Immediately I remembered the last time I saw an animal moving on the road (a raccoon) and Dave told me it was doing the back scratchy thing like what cats do, so I figured that is what the cat was doing since there was a man who just walked right past it who seemed unfazed.

Drove all the way up the hill and my friend and I debated on going back. Could we handle seeing what we think we saw?  What could we do?  Maybe it was just scratching it’s back?

As we were going through our debates, wouldn’t you know it… a cat runs right in our path.  We took it as a sign and went back down the hill.  We saw a car with the door hanging open about a block up from where we saw the cat and pulled over and started asking questions.  The man had said that there were two cats.  One had unfortunately passed away and we didn’t want to see the other one.  He was going house to house to see if he could find the owners.  I immediately got Animal Control on the line and started filing a report when my friend told me the owners were found.  They were hysterical.  One kitty dead, the other not but very badly injured.

It was awful.  I can only imagine the pain they’re going through.  After calming down at my friend’s place, I immediately went home and hugged my two kitties and told them how much I love them.

IMG_2739 IMG_2740

In happier news – Dave comes home tonight!  He’s only been gone a week, and I haven’t minded being home alone but it’ll be nice to have his company again.

I leave you with several different links you can use to donate to the people of Haiti who need every bit of help we can give.  These people are in terrible conditions and I don’t know how to sit here and just watch the devastation in their country.

If you can donate, please do.  It is very much needed.  The Canadian government will be matching the donations made by Canadians up to $50millionBelow are links to some of the organizations accepting donations.

Canadian Red Cross:


Doctors without Borders:


World Health Organization


World Water Relief - (Note – there is currently no running water.  In normal times, only 50% of Haitians have access to clean drinking water- Source PAHO)




More links can be found here:


Dig deep.  Say a prayer.  It is the right thing to do.


Jen on January 16, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. said...

Oh wow - my heart just broke at that...I am TERRIFIED of something bad happening to our fur babies - even to Charlie who is 100 lbs and can certainly fend for himself...I still worry...I still see him as a fluffy puppy in need of care....
I am going to snuggle my babies after typing this.

I took some money that I had set aside to buy makeup brushes and donated it to the red cross - they need it more than I's so terrible...

Angie All The Way on January 16, 2010 at 10:09 p.m. said...

Aw man, I would have been a wreck. That is so sad :-( I STILL think about the kitty that I hit that day on the way to Zumba every time I drive passed there (which is EVERY day). *sniff*

(What a sweeeeeet little baby! You are a natural ;-)