Monday, April 5, 2010

We haz scared kitties

Alright, I LOVE my two kitties to death but they are two of the wimpiest kitties I’ve ever seen!  No jokes: scaredy cats/pussies/etc – true to their names!

Aww so cute:

IMG_3244 IMG_3248


It was such a nice day out on Sunday so we decided to take our kitties for a “walk”.  Since we live in an apartment (and since they are scared of EVERYTHING) our cats are indoor cats but we do often let them out on the balcony to get some fresh air and roll around on the cement, which they love!

Going into this we knew they’d be scared, but we thought it would be interesting to get them out of the house… and it was!

We only have one pet harness so we had to take each kitty out one at a time.  First up was Ceasar (no lies, this cat is terrified of almost everything).  As soon as we took him outside he laid flat on the ground and started meowing!  His eyes got SO big and it was like censory overload for him!  Over time he calmed down, but kept super close to us.

IMG_3263 IMG_3265 IMG_3266


Next up was Jade.  He’s a VERY talkative kitty and was chatty the whole time we were outside but he wasn’t AS scared as Ceasar was.  Probably because there was some grass for him to nom on – which is one of his favorite things.

IMG_3272 IMG_3275

IMG_3283 IMG_3284

The yellow rope was found on the side of the wall and we added it to the leash to give the cats a bit more room to walk – only Jade took advantage of that.

It was such a beautiful day and getting the kitties out was kind of fun and maybe something they could get used to.  As you can see, Jade is a VERY big kitty so it’d be nice to help him get some exercise!

My lover:


Yours truly:


I sure hope this weather keeps up!  After we took the kitties out, Dave & I played a bit of catch with the baseball.  I got tuckered out pretty quickly so we went inside where I crashed for about 3hrs!  Jeepers, a bit of Vitamin D and some fresh air and this girl is KO???


sarah on April 5, 2010 at 10:32 p.m. said...

Aw, cute kitties. Mine would be the same way if I took them outside.